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Alina - Model - 07th August, 2019

Thank you for given knowledge, it was interesting to learn numerology secrets.

Ms. Sushma Kumar – Ex Vice Principal Lilavati Bai Podar School, Mumbai – 18th December, 2018

A very informative and interesting course. The teacher makes the course more interesting by showing anecdotes and stories which explain the concept very clearly and one that a person can relate to.
The notes that have been meticulously prepared will be of great help in recapsilating the learnt matter, even after the course is over.
The subject has been very well explained and has kindled my interest for the subject and now it is up to me to see that I practice enough and use it effectively wherever and whenever possible.
Thanking You, Varun Sir.

Rasshmi Pareek – Student – 09th October, 2018

Numerology was one of my keen interests and I feel that the excitement or the zest to learn it, wouldn’t have been on higher levels without Varun Sir.
He made the whole process of learning so easy and enjoyable. I’m looking forward to the advanced level classes.

Ruchi Sheth - Student - 04th January, 2017

Of all the courses done with your institute – Numerology is the best one. That is because this course doesn’t only provide with the present state but also provides with theory (solutions) to it at a highly satisfactory level. The notes provided are truly amazing which solves all the doubts on its own. Thank You Globus Talent and specially Varun Sir. Loved the way you teach and the efforts you take to build the confidence in me is highly appreciated.
Thanks again.

Radhika K Bhatia - Teacher - 13th November, 2016

It was an amazing experience learning both the courses. It was fun. Enjoyed and will use the learning in day-to-day life.
Wish to become an expert like Sir soon.
Thank You.

Priyanka Sawant - Astrologer - 10th November, 2016

I joined the Numerology Course due to good references and reviews about ‘Varun ‘and his training methods. I must say what I heard about him, he is good person as in his nature and as well as in training he explains in a very good and detail manner. I am happy with the course and flexibility he gave me of the time and date was very helpful for me. I liked the course and wish him and his team Best Wishes In Life and God Bless U All with more success in life.
Thank You.
With Lot of Love and Blessings
Astrologer Priyanka Sawant

Jai Kadakia - Director NK Manufacturers Pvt Ltd - 29th August, 2016

It was wonderful experience to learn Numerology from Varun Sir. Till I started learning the same I never knew it would be so interesting. I will definitely pursue this as a career and maybe learn more further. Will definitely want to learn something more under his guidance and grow further.

Kritka Dhingra - Homemaker - 04th August, 2016

Varun Sir, is very polite & decent person. His way of teaching with examples make it very easy for the students to learn & understand Numerology. Specially with the names of big stars.
Thank You Varun Sir for teaching me & for being my Sir. You will go far ahead in your life.

Dipa Waghela - SAP Consultant, Capgemini, 16th July, 2016

This is my second course with Varun Sir - NUMEROLOGY! Varun Sir makes the subject easy and interesting. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning this course. Varun Sir is very friendly. He always adjusts timings as required. I am looking forward to learning more from you.
Thank You:)

Urvi Someshwr - Tarot Card Reader- 17th June, 2016

Learned this course through Varun Sir. The subject has completely sinked in my mind. Superb way of teaching through easy examples, one can relate very well. Enjoyed learning through Varun Sir. I am sure the learnings will help me a lot. 
Thank You Sir,can't thank you enough.

Rupa Mehta - Fashion Designer - 11th June, 2016

Very comfortable with Varun Sir.
Young & dynamic personality.
Very co-operative and made the numbers very interesting.
Excellent Work.

Meetha B. Chitaliaa - Crystal Predictor, Tarot, Reiki Master - 23rd April, 2016.

I would like to share that it was a great experience and good and upgraded knowledge of numerology taught by Varun Sir. 
Will surely use the knowledge for betterment of life of the people and hope for the best.

Tejal Parmar - Homemaker - 23rd April, 2016.

Hey its great learning Numerology with Varun Sir. It has given the knowledge how numbers are important in life and how it works. So thanks a lot for making us understand this in an easy way but interestingly.

Melissa Fernandes - Graphic Designer - 14th March, 2016.

'Numerology' by itself is a very interesting topic and Varun Sir has made it even more exciting to learn. It is a pleasure learning from a mentor who has so much knowledge and who is always willing to answer any question immediately.
Varun Sir makes it possible to focus on the subject and have fun while learning. This is a great combination of skills any student would want from their mentor.
Thank you Sir!

R. A. Mahant - Proprietress, Tendercare/ Lotus - 25th February, 2016.

Good knowledge.
Friendly Teacher/Student atmosphere.
Practical to use.
Clear and not confusing to understand.
Examples are interesting, makes you understand the importance of numbers.
Can cut short hours of teaching with ability of students.
Varun is hardworking/ focussed/ down to earth and will reach his goals in life. God bless.

Jakhotia Darshana Vijay - German Trainer - 14th January, 2016

Graphology made me know Varun Sir and his way of training. It was also my wish to learn numerology and exactly after graphology I knew Sir teaches a lot more courses and yes my search came to an end for a great numerology trainer as I learned it from Varun Sir.
Interesting course, a lot to learn and yes a lot to practice & just believe if you are going to learn it. Happy to learn this too.

Nilay P Thakkar - 26th May, 2015

Mr. Varun Rupani ( Varun Sir ) makes you feel comfortable with his warm smile and his relaxed approach of teaching. The teaching style is simple, clear and practical. 
The enthusiasm of Mr. Varun Rupani keeps you involved throughout the course. 
I would recommend World School of Numerology and Varun Sir to anyone who wants to understand this inner science of numbers. 
The course has helped me to understand the influence of numbers on the different facets of human existence and the practical application of numerology on everyday living.