World School of Numerology

Numerology Institute India

Basic Numerology Level

Module I
  1. Understanding 'Numerology' as a Pseudoscience.
  2. Famous Methods in Numerology
  3. What Numerology can & can't tell.
  4. Understanding Birth Numbers
  5. Understanding Destiny Numbers
  6. Heart’s Desire/ Motivation Number
Module II
  1. Your Purpose Number
  2. Mid-Life Power Number
  3. Unfinished Business/ Karmic numbers
  4. Challenge Numbers of Life
  5. Pinnacle Numbers of Life
  6. Master Numbers
  • Basic Numerology Level includes Module I & II.

Advance Numerology Level

Module III
  1. Health Aspect of Individual Numbers
  2. Lucky Days for Individual Numbers
  3. Lucky Dates for Individual Numbers
  4. Lucky Time Period for Individual Numbers
  5. Career Aspect of Individual Numbers
  6. Parenthood Stage of Individual Numbers
  7. Relationship Compatibility between Numbers
  8. Understanding Individual Numbers for House/Property Selection
  9. Personal Year & Month Numbers
Module IV
  1. Ideal Gifts for Individual Numbers
  2. Precautions to be taken by Individual Numbers
  3. Home & Leisure Aspect of Individual Numbers
  4. Friendship & Enmity between Numbers
  5. Individual Name Change & Correction
  6. Baby Name Change & Correction
  7. Business Name Change & Correction
  8. Mobile Number Selection
  9. Email Address Selection
  • Advance Numerology Level includes Module III & IV.

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